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Pink and Natural Hair Co

Hemp Seed Conditioner - Salon Grade


Great for ALL HAIR TYPES due to anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse and moisturize the hair simultaneously leaving natural shine and body to the hair.


When you first try the conditioner you’ll notice how thick it is. This conditioner isn’t watered down and the thickness helps the product cling to your customer’s hair. Because it clings so strongly to hair it can have the maximum time transferring nutrients and oils into your client's hair giving it a beautiful and healthy finish.

The conditioner contains a lot of exciting botanical oils. Check out our ingredients section to learn more.


Hemp seed oil has tremendous application for personal

use. Its chemical prole is very similar to oils our body

already produces and helps carry nutrients into hair roots.

It's full of Vitamin E which is a dynamite conditioning

agent. Vitamin E also helps with keratin formation while

the hair is growing. Hair grows healthier and more vibrant.

8 . oz / 236 mL


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