1-on-1 WIG MAKING CLASS - Sewing Machine Method


1-on-1 WIG MAKING CLASS - Sewing Machine Method Syllabus

Classes are taught on Sundays after payment email info@pinkandnatural.com to schedule your course. Classes are scheduled on a first come first serve basis usually 2-3 weeks out. 

Class Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This class will be 95% hands-on to assure that you are grasping the concepts as you work. You do not need a Cosmetology license. 

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*If you are new to sewing you will need to take the FREE HOW TO SEW ONLINE COURSE. Please make sure that you receive and practice on your machine before class.* 


Manual Beginner Sewing Machine that you are familiar with, NO COMPUTERIZED MACHINES. Please see suggestions below average price ($100 - $200):

  • Brother SM1704
    1. Singer 3337
    2. Singer 3342

    Places to get sewing machines: 

    1. Jo-Ann Fabrics
    2. AC Moore
    3. Michaels
    4. Walmart
    5. Home Depot
    6. Home Shopping Network
    7. Ebay 
    8. Amazon
    9. Overstock 
    10. Target


    1. A Lace Closure, 2 packs of hair 14 inch hair 
    2. 22" Canvas Mannequin Head (Average Size)
    3. Tripod Mannequin Stand
    4. Hand Needles
    5. Weaving Thread
    6. T-pins
    7. Scissors
    8. Wig Cap
    9. Clips
    10. Measurement Tape
    11. Elastic Band

    You will leave the course with everything you need to know and the skills to start a wig business or make your own wigs immediately.


    What you will learn? 

    • Proper lace attachment to a wig cap. 
    • How to construct a wig on a sewing machine. 
    • Track Mapping
    • Wig Pricing 
    • Marketing
    • Importance of Continuing Education in the Beauty Business. 
    • You will receive a certificate at the end of the class.
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